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Smart city technology

The way of the future

At DES, we understand wireless technologies have become a fundamental part of our daily lives. With today’s ever-increasing demands for information, dependable cellular sites that can deliver reliable indoor and outdoor coverage create significant burdens on governments, municipalities, developers, and the public. Next-generation technologies will enable greater functionality and inclusion; however more sites will be needed to deliver these technologies.

The number of devices connecting to mobile networks (4G in particular) is growing rapidly, straining network capacity and necessitating both densification (accomplished by adding small mesh cells and distributed antenna systems) and newer technologies like 5G and LIFI to handle subscriber growth.

Smart city solutions

Our engineering group at DES is very excited about opportunities made available through information and communication technology with the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (deep learning AI).

We realize new revenue streams can become available with the ability to collect, analyze, transfer, and share data and information. Some of our more advanced designs include adding a fiber cable and some basic electronics into a streetlight pole, providing the ability for total streetlight control, operation, and maintenance. The cost saving made available by the ability to reduce or increase light output as well as troubleshoot streetlight remotely is significant.

Other applications we consider include:

  • Local 4G/5G wifi
  • Future lifi applications
  • Security cameras
  • Data collection
  • Traffic monitoring, control, and routing
  • Traffic signal timings
  • Information sharing via pole-mounted message centers
  • Weather and air quality information
  • Autonomous vehicles

DES would be happy to discuss smart city technologies and how they may play a part in your municipality, community, development, or project.