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Power distribution

Powering connections: our aerial and underground distribution services

At DES Engineering, we specialize in designing, managing, and servicing aerial and underground distribution systems. Ensuring the reliable transmission of electricity is at the heart of what we do.

The importance of electricity transmission

Electricity transmission is vital to infrastructure, powering homes, businesses, and public services. We ensure this transmission is done through safe, secure, and efficient power lines.  Knowing the power demand is expected to double by 2035, we can tailor a power grid to meet the particular needs of our clients.

Aerial distribution: efficient and reliable

Our aerial distribution solutions are designed for maximum efficiency and reliability. We offer the following services:

  • New Overhead Design, Replacement Overhead System Design
  • Development of standards and specifications
  • Computer modeling, including SpidaCalc, SPidaSilk, and PLS CADD
  • Building Clearance Modelling and Calculations

Underground distribution: safe and secure

Our underground distribution services offer a reliable solution for power transmission in urban areas, densely populated regions, or areas with aesthetic and environmental considerations. Key services offered:

  • New Underground Design, Replacement Underground Design
  • Maintenance Projects
  • Secondary Network Design, Primary Service Design
  • Development of standards and specifications
  • Ampacity calculations, including cable and conduit design, along with pulling tensions

Let DES Engineering be your trusted partner in providing reliable, efficient, and safe power distribution solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our aerial and underground distribution services.