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Roadway & area lighting

Illuminating habitats: our lighting services

At DES Engineering, we're committed to creating safer roads through our comprehensive roadway lighting services. From analysis and design to construction and maintenance, we offer end-to-end solutions that enhance visibility and safety.

Comprehensive roadway lighting solutions

We provide a variety of lighting solutions tailored to different needs and environments. Whether overhead lighting for highways, streetlights for residential areas, or energy-efficient LED lighting for urban roads, our team delivers solutions that align with your requirements.

Enhancing safety and visibility

Our roadway lighting solutions are designed to significantly improve nighttime visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing safety for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Optimally positioning lights and proper luminaire selection ensures that roads are well-lit in accordance with current standards, without excessive glare or light pollution.

Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness

In addition to safety, our solutions prioritize energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We leverage the latest technologies, such as LED lighting, to reduce energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

Sports field lighting

We believe in embracing the beauty of every season in our Northern climate by inspiring individuals to venture outdoors and relish in the charm of parks and recreational areas.

Our offerings encompass everything from creating a relaxed ambiance with lighting for recreational spaces to achieving the pinnacle of illumination for sports fields in accordance with global benchmarks. Employing cutting-edge techniques and incorporating high-mast lighting whenever necessary, we ensure the optimal illumination of diverse areas, from sports fields to parking lots and industrial yards.

Architectural lighting

Our engineering services are designed to make your architectural vision a reality, ensuring that every space is thoughtfully and expertly illuminated. Our team of engineers specializes in the art of lighting design, combining technical expertise with a deep appreciation for aesthetics. We provide a range of services, including lighting system design, fixture selection, control system integration, and energy-efficient solutions for architectural lighting. Whether your goal is to accentuate a pathway’s unique features, enhance the visual appeal of an entrance feature, or create a specific ambiance in an outdoor area, our engineering expertise will help transform your ideas into beautifully lit spaces.

Parking lots and yards

Parking lot and yard lighting is a critical aspect of any property’s infrastructure. With a deep understanding of the latest technologies and compliance requirements, we tailor our services to align with your distinct requirements. Our team is dedicated to designing lighting solutions, strategically engineered to not only optimize visibility and safety but also to deliver noteworthy energy-efficiency benefits.