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Land development

Navigating shallow utilities in land development

At DES Engineering, our team comprises dedicated professionals who go beyond the title of engineer. With a distinguished track record, our core specialization lies in electrical design and implementation.

We are committed to providing cutting-edge (which includes the introduction of the latest technologies) and innovative solutions that cater to the distinct requirements of each project we undertake. We continually work with governments and municipalities to reach affordability and densification targets, providing developers the best solution for their projects.

Electrical design & implementation: Our specialty

Whether it’s a unique street light, park area, entry feature, or other amenity, our proficiency in utility turn-key processes, engineering design standards, and material procurement allows us to achieve cost-effective and innovative results, ensuring optimal value for our clients. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in the industry, actively contributing to the successful and sustainable growth of land development ventures across Alberta.

We specialize in delivering a diverse range of comprehensive electrical design and implementation solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of various land development projects.

Electrical infrastructure placement & powerline layouts

Our team excels in substation placement and powerline layout designs. We consider multiple factors such as terrain, environmental impact, franchise utility operational and maintenance requirements, and future expansion possibilities to ensure optimal placement for efficient power distribution.

Infrastructure design

Design excellence is at the core of everything we do.  We are driven by a passion for innovation and a forward-thinking approach that sets new industry standards for functionality and utility integration.  Our team of skilled professionals takes pride in crafting cutting-edge designs that meet and exceed the highest industry benchmarks.

Meeting project timelines is a priority, and our commitment to efficiency ensures that our deliverables are on schedule without compromising the integrity of the design.  From concept to completion, our designs reflect our passion for innovation, regulations compliance, and client satisfaction dedication.

Unmatched expertise

At the heart of our success lies our exceptional team, a dynamic and diverse group of highly skilled professionals driven by a profound passion for innovation and problem-solving. Drawing from extensive academic backgrounds and practical experiences, they possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise, elevating each project they embark upon to new heights.

Beyond their technical proficiency, our team members exemplify outstanding communication and collaboration skills, fostering seamless interactions with stakeholders across the industry. United by a shared vision, they operate as a cohesive and dedicated unit, poised to tackle any electrical engineering challenge with unwavering commitment, ultimately delivering unparalleled results for our valued clients.